About Laced NZ

The story behind the brand Laced NZ. What is it? When did it start? Who runs it?
  • Brandon Drummond

    Founder of Laced NZ

  • Our Histroy

    Once a high school dream, now a reality. Laced was a brand idea Brandon and Josh came up with while mucking around in Media class in high school. They designed everything from tees to skates, and now, thanks to YouTube, it has become a reality. Laced started as a print on demand online clothing store in 2018. As of 2021, all of our products are stocked in Wellington, New Zealand and shipped out by Brandon himself. All of our clothing is designed by Brandon.

  • Josh Hodgson

  • Laced Apparel 2017

    This was our logo while we were a print-on-demand store from 2017-2019

  • Laced NZ 2021 (Current logo)

    This logo marks the point where we transitioned to a traditional style of clothing store. Making products locally and shipping them to customers, all in house.

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