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3 Pack of Laced Laces

3 Pack of Laced Laces

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Choose any three of our laces and enjoy the savings. The best part? Shipping costs the same as shipping just one pair of laces. Say goodbye to costly shipping fees and hello to more value for your money.

What are Laced Laces?
Are you sick of waxed hockey laces being too long for aggressive skates? You shouldn't have to cut your brand-new laces or tie them around your cuff. The Laced Waxed Laces solve that problem.

Better Size Options
Available in 3 sizes, tailored to fit all aggressive skates.
53 inch size fits small skates like Roces & Them skates.
62 inch size fits most skates from USD Aeons to Mesmer Thrones
84 inch size is for anyone wanting an extra-long lace to wrap around their cuff etc.
List of all compatible skates can be found here

High Performance and Strong
Made from durable polyester, coated with the perfect amount of wax to help them stay tight and make them even stronger.

Molded Tips
Tips are heat molded so you won't have any plastic ends peeling off and any fraying can be easily fixed with a lighter. These are the perfect laces for any aggressive skater.

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